Publication: We are delighted to announce the publication of our second monograph -

How Times Change: Navenby Unearthed, by Colin Palmer-Brown and Jim Rylatt.

The Romano-British 'small town' at Navenby, Lincolnshire, was first discovered in the mid-1960s. Archaeological exploration of this area has accelerated over the past two decades and has yielded some spectacular results. Mostly these have not been published, but when a privately sponsored excavation took place in 2009, it was decided not only to make known its specific findings, but also to consider the great many discoveries of the preceding 44 years in order to produce the new monograph.

Following the Roman invasion of AD43, 'small towns' came into being over much of the newly created province of Britannia . For long, there was a popular view that the majority of these had developed at sites with military origins, although it is now clear that alternative stimuli can be cited that can explain the emergence of many of these lesser 'towns'. At Navenby, situated mid-way between Lincoln and Ancaster, Romano-British ribbon development on Ermine Street is evident from the 2 nd century AD, but the site shows indications of transient occupation from the later Mesolithic period onwards. In the later Iron Age it was occupied by a fairly prominent ditched homestead enclosure, and this volume explores the possibility that its occupants played an instrumental role in the origins and growth of roadside trade in the early Roman period. The report looks at the military disposition of the area during the occupation of the Corieltavian heartland and considers whether or not a fort had been established at Navenby in the mid-1 st century AD. It further examines the evidence for this site having been one in a series of regularly positioned posting stations on Ermine Street.

Recent Work: We remain busy through this period of economic austerity - boosted partly by the generosity of NDC Group Ltd. (Navenby research) and also via our increasing involvement in minerals schemes (we currently provide a service to four major mining operations).

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